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Our Pre-Kidergarten or PreK program is for children aged 3.5 Year old to 4.5 year old. Typically children in the PreK program may transition to our Jr-Kindergarten program between 4.5 years old and 5 years old depending on space and readiness of the child. This class has a ratio of  twelve children to one teacher with a maximum of twenty four children and two teachers.  Our PreK program focuses on providing a fun loving classroom learning environment to help encourage school readiness. Our emergent curriculum is designed to meet each child's individual needs. The emergent curriculum also explores  all developmental areas such as STEM learning, fine and gross motor skills, art and music, with the introduction of letters and phonics, complex shapes, colors and numbers. We use the Zoo-Phonics program and Hand Writing Without Tears program to help encourage fine motor skills and language skills.   PreK share the  large playground with both the Jr. K and Preschool classes to help encourage cooperation, exploration and develop gross motor skills.

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